Why Partner With Us!

- Gain access to the largest possible expertise in the aluminium foil rolling industry
in the world.
- All QualityFoil members in both Europe and China have extensive experience in the aluminium foil industry.
- With the support of an independent R&D centre, QualityFoil is developing new alloys and products.
- QualityFoil is completely independent of its producers and is, therefore, the best qualified in the plant to be the voice of the customer.
- QualityFoil carries out regular audits of all its producers.
- QualityFoil has dedicated logistics and commercial teams in Europe to answer all customer queries and assist with orders.
- The quality and specification of every order is approved on site by QualityFoil before shipment. QC lists for every coil are also available before receipt of goods.
- QualityFoil provides technical service to all customers worldwide.
- QualityFoil sells to some of the most demanding converters all over the world including in 22 different countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America.
- QualityFoil only works with suppliers who are ASI certified (Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard) and committed to reducing GHG emissions.