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Welcome to QualityFoil Website


You are looking for world-class quality aluminium foil for sustainable packaging?

 We, at QualityFoil, have solutions.


Who are we? 

We are a team of recognized experts within the global aluminium foil industry, with offices and technical team in Europe (Luxembourg) and China (Shanghai), and with sub-contracted production capacity in China at selected and best invested producers.

QualityFoil has an exclusive long term partnership agreement with the N°1 for thin aluminium foil manufacturing in China

Our services:

  • QualityFoil guaranties deliveries of world-class thin quality foil (6 to 40 microns) all over the globe to large international converters in order to support their global growth, especially in Europe,  Asia, India, Middle-east, East-Europe, North and South-America.
  • QualityFoil brings a large and unique expertise in the global foil market, its production process and process control, with a maximum credibility and involvement within the sustainability debate.
  • QualityFoil brings technical support and a high level of expertise to its customers
  • QualityFoil supplies a quality and sustainability label
  • QualityFoil produces high quality thin aluminium foil at selected, best invested and most competitive foil producers worldwide.

Where we add value:

  • We monitor and supervise on site all steps of the process and the production, and check the quality of each coil of finished product according to the specifications defined with our customers.
  • We certify the quality of the foil produced at European standards
  • We bring quick and skilled technical support to our customers
  • We provide a quality label and a sustainability label
  • We guaranty 50% of recycled contain in all our products.

Our Commitments:

  • We guaranty deliveries of world-class quality aluminium foil world-wide
  • We guaranty compliance with EU and FDA regulations for food contact
  • We guaranty a minimum level of recycled contain and full traceability of the primary metal used
  • We guaranty physical & dynamic inspection to be executed on each coil by QualityFoil officer before packing


QualityFoil is your new Quality label for  Sustainable Aluminium Foil