Global aluminium Foil market will grow from 3.4 Millions tons in 2012 to 4 Millions tons in 2015, and 5 Millions tons in 2020, according to CRU.

Growing demand of Quality food

  • Fast growth of the global population: the world population to rise from present 7 Billions, exceeding 9 Billions in 2050 (source UN)
  • Fast development of the Middle Class in developing countries with increase of the demand for high-value food
  • Fast urbanisation of the global population

Limited resources

  • Agricultural resources are limited
  • Global warming may reduce the cereal production in South Asia, Africa and South America

Saving resources is becoming a necessity

Aluminium Foil, as a unique and recyclable barrier, it is your natural partner for  Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical sustainable packaging worldwide


Aluminium Foil packaging saves much more resources than it consumes

  • Thanks to effective protection and appropriate format, Aluminum Foil packaging helps to prevent spoilage and waste of valuable food, the production of which requires significantly more resources than the production of its packaging
  • Thanks to light weight and absolute barrier effect, Aluminium Foil packaging allows efficiency in transportation, storage and distribution, and helps to save energy accross the value chain.