About QualityFoil

QualityFoil is a quality and sustainability label for thin Aluminium foil at world class level, created by a team of experts, internationally  recognized on this market.

QualityFoil guaranties deliveries of world-class quality foil all over the globe to large international converters in order to support their global growth, especially in developing regions like Asia, India, Middle-east, East-Europe, South-America.

  • The production of aluminium foil certified by QualityFoil  is done at selected producers, among the most competitive and best invested foil rollers globally. All steps of the process as well as the selection of suppliers involved in the production of foil for QualityFoil, are audited, assessed and approved by QualityFoil
  • The production of Qualityfoil products is done under the supervision of QualityFoil technical staff.
  • Each coil certified QualityFoil has the best quality specifications of the market and will get a certificate with %age of primary aluminium used and energy sourcing for the primary.
  • Physical and dynamic inspection is done on each coil by Qualityfoil officer before packing.
  • All products produced for QualityFoil will be packed with QualityFoil label and will be sold exclusively by QualityFoil
  • Sales will be made in USD all over the world.

Our Production Facilities

  • The largest and best invested aluminium foil manufacturing plant in China
  • 10 Foil Mills (6 Achenbach) with width up to 1800 mm
  • 10 separators (Kampf)
  • 84 annealing furnaces (the largest annealing capacity worldwide)
  • Gauge 6 to 40 microns.
  • Certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14000
  • Compliance with EU, FDA, REACH regulations
  • Recycling center and casting of rolling slabs (AA8079)

Founder and Managing Director of QualityFoil: François Coëffic

  • 22 years of experience at top management positions in the European aluminium industry
  • 10 years as President of Eurofoil
  • 5 years as President of Novelis Foil and Technical Products
  • 3 years as President of Sapa Rolled Products
  • 3 years as President Sapa Extrusion Europe and 2 years President Sapa Buiding System
  • Several assignments in Asia, India and China
  • 3 years as President of European Aluminium Foil Association (2009-2011)

Technical Director of QualityFoil: Bruno Di Filippo

  • 35  years of experience in aluminium foil processing
  • Plant Mgr with Hoogovens, Eurofoil, Comital
  • Group Technical Mgr with Pechiney, Comital, Novelis
  • Implementations and start-up of Strip & Foil plants in China and India

Quality Director of QualityFoil: Didier Braun

  • 23  years of experience in the aluminium rolling industry
  • 16 years  at Novelis and Eurofoil as Key Account Manager and Quality & Manufacturing Excellence Mgr
  • 7 years at Pechiney as Process Engineer and Finishing Manager

General Manager, China: Jason Ma

  • Large experience at Alcoa and Novelis at several management positions

Finance Director: Daniel De Mol 

  • –20 years experience as Head of Finance and Business Control at Eurofoil, Sapa, Pechiney, Novelis
  • –8 years Audit experience (Ernst & Young Brussels)
  • –Chartered Accountant IEC (Belgium)

Sales Manager: Carlo Piglione

  • 8 years experience in aluminium foil business and market development at Novelis and Eurofoil
  • 10 years in Supply Chain management at Comital (Italy) and Parker Hannifin Group

Supply Chain Manager: Aurélie Vandamme

  • 9 years experience in Sales and Customer Service at Eurofoil and Pechiney
  • 8 years experience in Transport & Logistics Management at Novelis and Eurofoil

And a team of  recognised experts located in Europe and China